Speed Limit

Speed limiter rule proposed by feds



Our first weekend class date

Here at Sabertooth Commercial Driver Training Institute we have our first weekend class start date.  9/17/2016 if anyone is thinking about joining us please call for more information.  We are here to answer any questions that you might have you can either call @ 715-942-2700 Ext. 101 or email @ admission@sabertoothcdl.com.


To all my truckers out there.  I read the new rule about roundabouts.  I would love to hear what you think of it.  I still think we are going to run into places right here in Wisconsin where other vehicles still will not care and wont give you the truck drivers the space they need to go through the roundabouts.  Tell me what you think after you read this?



Fleets Paying for School :)

Here at Sabertooth CDL we got great news.  We have a fleet now that is looking to pay for tuition and pay the student weekly while they are in class. The only items the student would have to pay for is their Learners permit, Physical, Drug Screen, and Road Test.  If you are interested in this please contact us here at Sabertooth CDL at 715-942-2700 Ext. 101 or you send an email to admission@sabertoothcdl.com. We would love to hear from you.

Drinking Coffee

An $800 Fine For Drinking Coffee While Driving?!


I can’t tell you how many trucking companies call me on a daily bases looking for CDL drivers.  I can’t seem to fill their trucks fast enough anymore :(.  There are jobs out there if you are willing to work in this industry.  Even if you are just starting out in the transportation industry there are jobs out there. We help our students look through all the different job types, locations, equipment they would either be driving or hauling.  If they would have to relocate and what do fleets do to help them in that.  Students can’t believe how there are times where fleet will fight one another to get a driver in a seat :).

Are you thinking about trucking???

We understand that it is a big change to become a Professional Truck Driver.  Here at SCDTI we will help you through it.  Through teaching, training, and doing tours at a fleet with the students so they get a better understanding how a fleet works.  Give us a call at:       715-942-2700 Ext. 101 and we would love to set an appointment.